Afri-SET Documentation - Introduction

Welcome to the documentation for Afri-SET, a project dedicated to bridging the gap in air quality monitoring in West Africa. In this introduction, we'll provide you with essential information about Afri-SET and its mission.

About Afri-SET

Afri-SET stands for African Sensor Evaluation and Training, a comprehensive initiative that focuses on evaluating and calibrating low-cost air quality sensors. Our primary goal is to empower end-users with knowledge about the performance capabilities and limitations of these sensors. Through our efforts, we aim to improve air quality monitoring in West Africa, a region facing significant challenges related to air pollution and urbanization.

Our Mission

At Afri-SET, we are committed to the following key objectives:

1. Sensor Evaluation and Calibration

We rigorously evaluate and calibrate low-cost air quality sensors to ensure their accuracy and reliability. By doing so, we enable users to make informed decisions about the data collected by these sensors.

2. Providing Training Materials

We offer comprehensive training materials that cover various aspects of air quality monitoring, including:

  • Low-Cost Sensor Installation and Usage: Our guides help users effectively install and operate low-cost air quality sensors.
  • Sensor Calibration: We provide insights into the calibration process, ensuring that sensors deliver accurate data.
  • Data Integration: Learn how to combine sensor data with other sources to gain a holistic understanding of air quality in your region.

Why Focus on West Africa?

West Africa is undergoing rapid urbanization, making it one of the fastest-growing regions globally. Unfortunately, this growth has led to deteriorating air quality, impacting nearly 5% of the world's population residing in this region. Compounded by occasional dust outflows from the Sahara Desert, known as the Harmattan, West Africa faces the highest annual average concentrations of PM2.5 (particulate matter) globally.

Despite these challenges, air quality monitoring in West Africa remains significantly under-resourced and under-monitored. Afri-SET recognizes the urgent need to address this issue, making it our mission to empower communities and stakeholders with the tools and knowledge required to monitor and combat air pollution effectively.

Get Started with Afri-SET

Ready to delve deeper into air quality monitoring in West Africa? Our documentation is here to assist you. Feel free to explore our resources, download materials, and discover how Afri-SET can support your efforts to bridge the gap in air quality monitoring.

Download Training Materials

Thank you for joining us on this mission to improve air quality and promote a healthier environment in West Africa through Afri-SET.

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September 6, 2023


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