Meet Afri-SET: Bridging the Gap in Air Quality Monitoring in West Africa

At Afri-SET, we comprehensively evaluate and provide calibrations for low-cost air quality sensors to ensure that end-users are informed about their sensors’ performance capabilities and limitations.

Providing Training Materials

Learn how to install and use low-cost air quality sensors with our comprehensive guide.

Most low-cost sensors can’t be trusted to give accurate data out of the box in Africa! Calibrations must be applied to ensure you are getting high quality pollution level readings.

Find the calibration equations made during Afri-SET evaluations here

Learn how to combine low-cost sensor data with other freely available data from satellites and models.


Why Ghana?

West Africa is one of the fastest growing and fastest urbanizing regions in the world. This rapid growth is leading to ever worsening air quality for nearly 5% of the world’s population. Combined with the fact that West Africa is periodically subject to dust outflow from the Sahara Desert(the Harmattan)


Malings et al., 2020 (Click the image above for more)

Expanding monitoring of air quality is of utmost importance so that policy-makers can make informed decisions about pollution and public health.

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