Evaluations: Bridging the Gap in Air Quality Monitoring in West Africa

At Afri-SET, we comprehensively evaluate and provide calibrations for low-cost air quality sensors to ensure that end-users are informed about their sensors’ performance capabilities and limitations.

ManufacturerModel NameReportMeasuresEvaluation StartedEvaluation EndedManufacturer Website
Air Quality EggAir Quality EggPM2.5Sep 5 2023Jan 22 2024https://airqualityegg.com/
IQAirAirVisual OutdoorPM2.5Sep 9 2023Jan 22 2024https://www.iqair.com/
QuantAQModulair-PMPM2.5Sep 9 2023Jan 28 2024https://quant-aq.com/
HabitatMapAirbeam3PM2.5Sep 10 2023Jan 22 2024https://www.habitatmap.org/
Sensors.AfricaOutdoor AQ MonitorPM2.5Sep 10 2023Jan 22 2024https://sensors.africa/
AirGradientOutdoor Air SensorPM2.5Sep 11 2023Jan 23 2024https://www.airgradient.com/
South Coast SciencePraxis/UrbanPM2.5Sep 27 2023Jan 22 2024https://www.southcoastscience.com/
AirlyAirly PMPM2.5https://airly.org/en/

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